Current events have led many to quickly transition to full-time remote work. Previously, we shared tips to implement remote work policies in your organization. Now, we want to help make that transition a little easier for those of you accustomed to in-office work.

Because our services are fully supported by a secure cloud infrastructure, we’ve had a lot of experience researching and testing out various products over the years. The following serve us well.

Here are some of our preferred cloud-based tools:

1) for vendor invoices

2) eFax® for email faxing

3) Microsoft® Office 365® suite, including Microsoft Teams messaging and video conferencing platform

4) ProCharge® for client transactions

5) Smarsh®, which is an email archiving system

6) XCM®, which is a workflow management system

7) Kazoo for employee recognition and feedback

8) for our audit engagements

9) CCH® Accounting Research Manager® with audit tools

10) CCH® Intelliconnect® for our tax engagements

11) BNA Portfolios for our tax engagements

12), which is a secure content management and workflow tool

Have questions about how we’re able to utilize our remote workforce without a disruption to our services? Reach out—we’d be happy to provide support.