What We Do Here

Your Needs, Our Solutions

Our role is to help clients set and achieve goals. These could be related to compliance needs, tax planning for a future business sale, or financial sign-off for a lender. Our job is to develop a solution that meets your needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

How We Work With You

It’s how we deliver each engagement, the people that work with you, and the depth of our training that make us stand out.

  • Communication. Frequent client communication before, during, and at the conclusion of our engagement.
  • Time Frames. Scheduled delivery timelines that we meet.
  • Minimal Disruption. We realize your office has to keep working.
  • International Support. Assisting U.S. companies with international locations, foreign businesses with U.S. reporting and location support needs, and global business transactions.
Lifecycle Approach

Our professionals look at each client’s business and personal lifecycle and provide support to get them from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow. There are four phases in the lifecycle: Emerging, Growth, Maturity, and Transition. Each phase has different needs, challenges, and opportunities. The time it takes to move through one phase of the lifecycle can be from years to decades depending on the business, economy, and goals.

Our team can begin working with you at any phase or stage within your lifecycle. Your current accountant may be doing a great job, but they may not have the knowledge to help you advance to the next stage.

Primary Focus Areas

While we work with a lot of different kinds of clients, the big areas that make up the bulk of our work are these.


We work with community foundations, government agencies, local groups and international aid groups.
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Private Companies

We work with private companies from start-up through going public, with a particular emphasis on technology, manufacturing and financial services.
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We work with family offices to manage huge estates and individuals needing to simple tax planning.
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Employee Benefit Plans

We work with larger companies with more than 100 employees to ensure transparency and accuracy with their retirement programs.
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More Areas

While those four areas are our largest, we do work with a lot of different kinds of clients in a variety of industries. Some of these fall in the same categories as above, but just to give you a taste of the work we do, here's a list of a few more.

Financial services
Real Estate
Oil field services