Lifetime Financial Direction

At PMB we provide support that adapts to the lifecycle of our clients. We specialize in the service of executives, owners, families, and clients that require a higher level of care. As your personal and business life evolves, we are here to address financial changes that may arise. No matter your stage in life, our professionals are committed to your success and providing you with solutions that work toward retaining and building wealth.

Specific Services Include:
  • Tax planning and return preparation
  • Personal financial statements
  • College and retirement planning
  • Second home decisions
  • Elder care planning
  • Estate and gifting strategies
  • Family wealth and tax planning
Financial Analysis & Planning

We understand the importance of preparing financially for life changes and we realize changes may occur unexpectedly. Regardless of the situation, our professionals are able to provide the support and management you need to address insurance, tax and investment issues that may arise. Whether you are preparing for retirement or adjusting to loss due to changes in the economy, we work to develop a plan with you that manages your options and risks to keep you successful as you move forward.

Who We Serve

Family Groups

Managing family wealth as you might a company can be a great way to navigate tax obstacles and maintain income. We work with several groups, giving us experience and insight with juggling differing opinions and priorities.

High-Net Worth

The more you have, the more someone wants to take away. We work with you to figure out the best long-term strategies for maintaining, growing - and ultimately transferring - wealth wisely.

Owners & Executives

Having a stake in a business adds a layer of complexity to your tax situation. We can help you develop a plan that takes all factors into account and keeps the long-term goals in mind.

Key Team Members

Norman Trubee

Norman Trubee

Tax Partner
David Forrest

David Forrest

Audit Partner