Insight via TEVO® Score

Hard data on the true state of your business

As our clients work to build their businesses, there is a need for solid data for good decision-making. While financial statements can reveal a lot, we wanted to provide clients with a more actionable and complete picture of a company’s worth as they plan for an exit or seek additional financing.

To that end, in cooperation with Swiss Avenue Partners, all of our clients receive additional insight provided by a Total Enterprise Value Opportunity (TEVO®) Score. The score shows them where they are in terms of value and performance, where they could be and how to get there through increased performance and reduced risk.

A TEVO® Score uses a predictive analytics engine blending financial and non-financial data to quantify the opportunity gap between a company’s current and potential value. The scores are issued by InfoVera, a market value reporting agency.

Get Your TEVO® Score

Join us for an informational session to learn more about how a TEVO® Score can help you make better business decisions. All attendees will receive a free copy of their TEVO® report, as well as an understanding of how to take action based on that information. Brought to you by PMBHD in association with Swiss Avenue Partners.

Learn Your Market Value

The TEVO® Score helps business owners understand the market value of their company by indicating the current and potential multiple, which is the estimated enterprise value based on revenue or EBITDA. Once they have a good understanding of the value of their company—and the language to discuss it—business owners gain confidence and control in business interactions and negotiations, strengthening their position and widening their options. Increased knowledge of their companies helps owners better evaluate options available to them, enabling them to focus on those with the highest return to the business, and freeing up time consumed by lower priorities.

Improve Business Performance

The TEVO® Score is calculated using 55 different performance triggers comparing similar businesses in five key areas of business performance. Similar to a FICO score for personal finances, business owners can see exactly how they score in each of these areas and how those scores compare to their industry peers. The score allows an owner to target specific ways to improve business performance and ultimately company value.

Five Key Indicators

Data brought together to create your TEVO® Score
The TEVO® Score is a standardized way to value private companies using a multiple as an indication of what an owner can potentially sell the business for today. Better scores across these key performance indicators will maximize a multiple within an industry range. The score spans five key performance indicators:

Financial Analysis

Strength and reliability of your numbers

Business Systems and Processes

Infrastructure and the ability to deliver

Base Business

Diversification of customers and sales force

Management Team

Reliance on the owner and overall strength of leadership


Growth, margin, integration and expansion